Master Sampler

The Master Sampler 6210A offers a new user interface that is intuitive and simple to use.

Complex routines such as internal standard addition, solvent addition or agitation for extraction are accomplished through our drag-and-drop interface that makes even the most difficult routines simple to perform

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Liquid Injection

  • High precision improves %RSD.
  • A wide variety of syringe sizes.
  • Control of plunger and injection speeds.
  • Multiple injection port capability.
  • Air gapping

Headspace Injection

  • 6 position incubator with precise temperature control up to 200°C.
  • Orbital and Oscillation mixing at various speeds.
  • Intelligent automation maximizes throughput.
  • Various syringe sizes available up to 5ml (2.5ml standard).
  • Multiple vial sizes can be used with inserts in the incubator (20ml standard).

Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) Injection

  • Conditioning station included!
  • SPME option includes conditioning station.
  • Orbital and oscillation of the6 positions incubator during extraction.
  • Optional single-magnet mixer station.
  • Unlike other techniques, SPME fully automates extraction and desorption.


  • Addition standard internal automated
  • Automated derivatization
  • Automated dilutions
  • Mixing
  • Heating