Hydrogen Generators

Continuously supplies 99.9995% pure Hydrogen gas at flow rates up to 500 ml/min.

Eliminating the need for dangerous and expensive Hydrogen cylinders in the laboratory.

The generator can simultaneously supply carrier gas for multiple gas chromatographs in the laboratory and supplies Hydrogen fuel gas at different flow rates for FPD, NPD and FID detectors. It can also be used for any other laboratory use.

Hydrogen gas is produced on demand and made from distilled water using a unique proton exchange membrane.

The Benefits

All instrument
data in real time

Three drying

Data log with colored
historical graph for all parameters

  • 99.9995% pure Hydrogen
  • The instrument is protected against temperature rises in the generator as well as high or low system pressure
  • Sophisticated leak detection system
  • Three drying steps: a water trap, pressure swing absorption and molecular sieve technology so that moisture is removed down to trace levels
  • Yearly maintenance reminder